Toasted Panini $16
Fillings choose from: Bacon, Ham, Smoked Chicken,
Pineapple, Capsicum, Brie, Cheese, Avocado,
Egg, Tomato, Onion or Creamy Mushroom
Sauce for Panini:
Sweet Chilli, Peach Mango Chutney, Sundried
Tomato Olive Chutney, Sour Cream, Plum Or Aioli

Served with fries
Beef $23.5 / Steak $29.5 / Fish $28.5

Mussel Chowder (Mild Curry) $23 (availible winter)

B.L.A.T $16.5 Or B.L.T $14.5
Served on Toast Wholemeal Bread

Beef Nachos $19.5
Topped with Cheese, Avocado, Sour Cream,
Sundried Tomato Olive Chutney

Seasoned Wedges $13.5
With Sour Cream

Wedges Works $17.5
With Cheese, Sour Cream, Bacon and Sweet Chilli Sauce

Bowl of Hot Chips $8.5

Steak, Eggs, Chips and Salad $29.5
Fish of the Day, Chips and Salad $28.5

Smoked Chicken Or Bacon Salad $19.5